Prosthodontics or managing missing teeth

Fixed Prosthodontics

In our clinic we make all types of attached prosthetic solutions such as veneers, crowns and bridges.

Ceramic veneers

With ultra-thin veneers we can change the appearance of the front teeth and make them look clean and even. The veneers cover the teeth facades and we can also correct small irregularities in the teeth and their position and make the entire front look brighter and more uniform.


If a tooth is damaged so much that it no longer is possible to repair it using the normal resin based materials, we can do it with a crown. Crowns are made in collaboration with dental technicians and glued on to the own tooth or root. Earlier crowns were made of gold, porcelain or their combination. Today they are almost exclusively made of strong and tooth colored ceramics.


A completely lost tooth can be replaced with an implant or a bridge solution. A bridge is attached to the teeth that are situated closest to the missing ones. The supporting teeth are shaped and drilled smaller. The bridge is then produced by dental technicians and finally cemented on to the supporting teeth. Here as well, all visible parts of the crowns are made of ceramic tooth colored materials.

Implant-crowns and -bridges

When completely lost teeth are replaced with implants, our dentists work together with a dental surgeon. During the implant surgery, a screw made of titanium, is placed into the jawbone where the tooth's root once was situated. After healing, our dentists make and construct the visible parts of crowns or bridges on the implants.

Removable Dentures

If there are too many missing teeth and not enough supporting teeth to carry fixed bridges, or when there is not enough space in the jawbone for implants, a removable denture has to be made to replace the missing teeth.

A removable denture can also be made as a provisional solution, during for instance a healing period after surgery.

We will never send you home without any teeth!

Partial Denture

A partial denture replaces the missing teeth in the mouth. The core of the prosthesis is made of metal and metal is also used for the clams that grip the remaining teeth and keeps the denture in place. The visible part of the denture is made of acrylic, so that the teeth and the gum look natural.

Full Denture

When all teeth are missing, a full acrylic denture is made. The prosthetic teeth are embedded in a natural gum colored acrylic plate and fitted to the gums. The denture is held in place by a vacuum effect that occurs in moist environment when two materials are fitted and pressed tightly against each other.

Implants can also be used as additional support for full dentures.
We work closely together with our dental technicians who are also excellent in their meticulous work needed for all prosthetics solutions.